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Jose Mattos, CPT

Hi my name is Jose Mattos, a personal trainer at Absolute Fitness. My passion and dedication brought me here to an elite,high end  studio. I always liked fitness and I always knew I liked to help people and also i m very easy to talk to,that's how i discovered that personal training is exactly what i wanted to do,i just dont like having "clients" or "customers" i like to build relationships, trust and maintain a good communication with my trainees.The variety of my workouts,the intensity and the knowledge it's what got me to this level,i strongly believe that balance is the key to success.


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Choosing to start working out with Jose has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am one of those people that don't like working out that much, if I don't have an appointment I probably wouldn't go. I knew I wanted and needed to get healthy and I also want the body of my dreams. To make that dream a reality I needed the extra push and there's when Jose comes in. Working out with him makes me feel like I can do it. He pushes you, he doesn't go easy on you but you will see results. My confidence level has skyrocketed and believe or not because he pushes me it makes me want to be the best I can be. My eating habits changed with him. I feel that I can reach my goal. He is not only a trainer he is a mentor, he is the encouraging voice in your head, he is a friend and he truly wants the best for you. I would recommend him to anybody that is ready to take their first step in getting healthy.

- Anne C Destin



I started training with Jose a few months back and have had incredible results. We both understood that it was not about losing weight but about a change of lifestyle. Jose has deep knowledge on the correct training regiment and healthy eating habits for each individual client. Jose's biggest asset is his patience and ability to show his clients how to do the excessive properly and in good form to get more efficiency out of each session. The setting is professional, he's always available and on time. I highly recommend Jose as a personal trainer!

- Joel


I've been working with Jose for about 6 months. He is very encouraging and positive. He always pushes me to do my very best.

- Steph S.


I have been training with Jose Matos for the last several months. He designed a plan for me and has systematically increased my strength and endurance…. I would highly recommend Mr. Matos as a trainer!!

- AB




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